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The Ladies of Masseng are threshing their dried nerica rice the traditional way not by hand but by foot! Our first nerica rice harvest is nearly complete across 13 Sanda Magbolontor inland valley swamps.

Unfortunately Rogbaran didn't manage to transplant their seedlings in time and the crop failed. But for this village and 13 others there's another harvest of buttercup rice mid-June boosting nutrition and food security for the coming rainy season.

The Ladies (and gentlemen) of Rogenhti demonstrate the invaluable role women play in the life of our farm. Each farm group has a 70% majority of women and here you can see women harvest, carry, dry and thresh their nerica rice.

Meanwhile, Sheku, Hope Sakuma Farm Coordinator, visits Massein, RoBomp and Mamatay where harvested rice is being dried and threshed - these villages, like all Hope Sakuma villages will share the bounty three ways - a third for the village, a third saved for seed and a third for our interim care and kinship fostering

Meanwhile in Magbolontor, the first village to harvest, Farm Coordinator Sheku snaps the Ladies winnowing their rice seed ready to be planted on Hope Sakuma's demonstration farm currently under construction in Manays.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women to improve nutrition, food security and climate change adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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