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Intrepid volunteers Mo and Hassan venture forth to Sanda Magbolonto Chiefdom crossing the river by canoe as the ferry is broken. Great to be back home in my village - you can see me pitching in to make plam oil and getting the low down on what’s been going on in Manays. I'm gathering vital intel from the people who know best getting ready for a big meeting of Hope Samuka’s seven villages – Manays, Masillah, RoGbin, RoGabaran, RoTain, Ro Rainte, RoYeima, new addition Mabonkane and Makatay, Daimba and Masana, the three villages surrounding our boli lands.

Everyone wants to know if we can extend Hope Sakuma to other villages in Sanda Magbolonto and the ladies of Manays tell me women in Sanda really want to join. I'm excited to learn the Director of the Sanda Magbolonoto ABC (agricultural business centre) is coming to tell everyone what he thinks about Hope Sakuma.

Catching up with Madam Musket the oldest and wisest lady in town I get some sage advice…a story remembered from a time before the war when all of Sanada worked togther,when the three tribes worked together with a unity of purpose, helping each oher as brothers and sisters to make the whole chiefdom prosper.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women with climate-smart technology to improve nutrition, food security, livelihoods and adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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