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Mama Mayila Yansaneh was humbled and honoured to receive the inaugural AWOL Continental Europe Noble Moseray Fadika Legacy Award for a life-times work fighting for child and girl rights and child protection issues in Sierra Leone, as the host said:

“This is a special award for someone unique doing a good job for children and for Salone’s development.”

Mama Mayila had the big surprise when her award was announced at the end of the fantastic weekend event held in Antwerp, Belgium and organized by reknowned diaspora volunteer organization, AWOL (All Works Of Life) Continental Europe.

Recalling the much-respected and widely loved businessman Mama Mayila shared a story:

“We were talking one day, during the Ebola crisis, about the terrible conditions of slum communities in Freetown and Pa told me that as a young boy - like so many of our young in Salone - he had absolutely nothing when he started and the only place where he found help was amoung the poor market women at Moa Wharf where he begged fish from the women there to sell and if he was lucky he made just enough to buy something to eat and I could see it was because of this experience as a young man without hope why he felt so strongly about giving our poorest and most vulnerable hope. I am so proud to say that he commended us for serving that neglected community during deadly Ebola.”

Speaking after the event Mama Mayila told us: “It was such a surprise and an honour to receive this award named after such a great man. A true hero of Salone who was so shockingly taken before his time. I am truely humbled and I accept the award in his memory for my team at Hope who work so hard for vulnerable children and for all the dedicated people I’ve worked with over the years to protect children, particularly our girls.”

AWOL is a non-political development group with 16 outstanding years delivering vital humanitarian assistance to victims of disasters.


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation and children with disabilities.

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