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We've been on the trail of a tractor since this time last year when our farmers suggested they'd be so much more productive with one but the three tractors allocated to the Chiefdom were all out of commission (or in need of a commision) and appear, still, to be so...But here we can see a fine blue machine, a tropacalized Sonalikia Di -35 sadly resting on its chocks and in much need of some TLC...

The good news is that this machine has plough attachments - espyed in the Boli lands video. The bad news is the tender loving care that this fine blue machine needs stretches to around $500 for a long list. A very long list including a new front tyre (thank goodness it's not one of those huge rear ones); a power steering box; a radiator, 4 piston rings, a new battery, starter motor, filters and oil and a secondary list including a dashboard, parking light and seat!

If you'd like us to help us get this tractor working on these vast, fertile boli lands growing rice to feed vulnerable children please donate to our Farming Fund, You'll get a special thank you from the Ladies of Manays and we'll show you the ground being truned, the rice planted, growing and harvested!


Follow our journey of sustainable, climate-smart farming empowering rural women and feeding vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation.

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