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Giving Hope to Villages in Sierra Leone

Rather than building just one eco village called Hope to help 100 children orphaned by Ebola from Moa Wharf slum, we want to work with many communities to give villages their own eco Hope Interim Care Centre (ICC) bringing immediate investment and acting as a catalyst to regenerate existing communities, small and large while helping 400 at risk children.

Since we last put together out first proposal back in July last year we've seen some great work going on in communities accross Sierra Leone. We've met some great partners and some even greater communities. We reframed our proposal to bring in some of the best ideas and that means we can help more vulnerable and at risk children while also helping more communities gain the skills they need to generate their own independant income streams.

We like being transparent so you can read our proposal, budget and all by clciking on the image of the proposal. We're always open to changing our mind when better solutions present themselves, particulalrly if it means we can save money and help more people, so, if you have an idea to help us change children's lives in Sierra Leone get in touch!

Come on Board - Join Our Campaign!

Follow our journey from the start - help us raise awareness for Ebola's Generation in Sierra Leone and directly change children's lives, forever.

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