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Nineteen exhaustive ballots looked to produce a clear winner for head boy but on closer examination of the boys electoral process - sparked by a complaint of electoral fraud from baby Grace, pictured raising her hand - it appears that the winner sought to bribe the 7 strong electorate with gifts of groundnut and candy; a practice still prevelant in Sierra Leone but banned in the UK in 1883, although here it tends to be more along the lines of rice, long-time (a large local beer), the "green" stuff (cash) and the other kind of green stuff. So whilst baby Grace was technically incorrect, the practice of bribing the electorate being perfectly legal in Sierra Leone, she can be forgiven being only a baby....

Election annulled, fresh elections - taking a leaf from the girls sensible one secret ballot approach - with no attendant corrupt and illegal practices and congratulations to new Head Boy, Dan!

GIRLS KNOW BEST! In a secret ballot (singular) and with results double double-checked by Miss Mya - Miss Mercy was elected Head girl for 2018! Congratulated by former head girl Miss Dee, now to be the wise and valued Deputy. Both girls made impassioned pleas for more art and bead-making materials.


Follow our journey supporting and protecting vulnerable children in Sierra Leone and please and share to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation.

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