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The prodigal son returns to Manays, Sanda Magbolonto Chiefdom, after 20 years and is given a rousing welcome by the Ladies of Manays led by the oldest lady in town!

After so many years away and moved to tears by his welcome, Bakar speaks of his father Pa Bangura and his dream - now realized by the two Bangura brothers - of a co-op for everyone willing to work hard and reap the benefits.

Hope Sakuma has a majority of women members and everyone gets a chance to speak (and sing), explaining the successes and some of the challenges they've faced. Andrew, a neighbouring farmer with 150 acres in Sanda Magbolonto explains how important it is to keep the faith with sons who leave their land and how important it is to look after this project "bing bing" as it can be a big project for the whole of Sanda Magbolonto Chiefdom.

Earning Andrew's endorsement he explains how he has been watching the co-op work and likes the way it is not for any one family name but for every family name.

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