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Word has spread to neighbouring villages of how Hope Sakuma wants to empower women and give everyone fair shares in our endeavour and here you can see Hope Skuma welcomed to MaSillah in Sanda Magbolonto Chiefdom, Port Loko, neighbouring Manays.

Meet the Ladies of MaSillah, Sanda Magbolonto Chiefdom continuing their song inviting Hope Sakuma and you can hear the chief organzier explain they've had no help, no supporters and no-one ever come and offered to do anything for them before and they stand ready to work and help deliver this great project. The offer is in Temne but you can see how enthusiatic the Ladies song of invitation is...

Now these ladies really can sing but you can just make out our Hope Sakuma Chairman, Mr Bangura, introduing the oldest Pa's in MaSillah, Sanda Magbolonto Chiefdom, Port Loko. With Confidence the chief organizer explains Sakuma is being invited in. He has organzied everyone, all the women and all the men and everyone is ready to work with us to the end. A very precious offer setting a high bar for us to live up to.


Our offer is simple: we provide feeding during rainy season and a helping hand with seed, fertilizer, drying and storage facilities and in return we split the harvest 3 ways - a third saved for seed; a third for co-op members and a third to Hope to genrate an income for our interim care and kinship fostering programmes. It's an offer that's proving popular because we value womenshare our good fortune and give something back....

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