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Well, the Ladies of Hope Sakuma - our farming co-op at Manays, Sanda magbolonto Chiefdom, Port Loko - have got a great system going...and they’ve done themselves proud! 19 brimful 50 kg bags (48 bushels) already ....that's going to be a lot of nuts!

So what can we to give this community a further hand up? How can we help them add value to their endeavours? Well we thought the best way to find out would be to ask them. So we did and wouldn't you know it, the Ladies came up with some great ideas....

They'd like a roaster because it helps preserve the peanuts and then someone in the co-op can make a little business selling peanut by the cup. Roasting them In Manays also reduces the transport cost to market as the shells are removed which can then be used as a mulch/soil conditioner.

They'd like a peanut butter machine because that also preserves the ground nut (for a futher 3 months) and someone in the co-op can make a little business selling groundnut by the spoon.

And then the Ladies of Hope Sakuma make the long walk back to Manays from the groundnut farm, along the dirt track carrying their bounty!

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