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Mama Mayila and the Hope team make a return visit to Mahanaim House at Grafton to find out more. Madam Boyawah, a victim of polio when she was a little girl, has been caring for disabled children for 36 years. Madam Boyawah receives no government support or grants and has no sponsors yet she has managed to get 10 of her children into school.

Mama mayila took some more help this trip but Madam Boyawah and these vulnerable kids need more help.

But there’s something not quite right with this happy scene – one struggling interim care centre supporting another - it’s kind, in fact, it’s really great but it’s not enough to care for the 100’s of kids in this situation.

Mama Mayila's spent the summer visiting interim care centres in the Western District on fact-finding missions to see what some of the shared problems are; how we can learn from each others strengths and what support is needed. We think, together, we can really help each other.

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