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We timed June's trip to Moa Wharf to coincide with Eid-al-Fitr, the day which marks the end of Ramadan’s 29 days of fasting and prayers for the most disadvantaged in society and a day when zakat al-fitr is traditionally given - a donation to the poor of a quantity of food or its monetary equivalent.

So, this month the team put the word out to see all 61 children in our Community Foster Care programme and their care-givers - you can see the team taking turns serving the children - so every orphan of Ebola and every destitute and disabled child living in Moa Wharf - one of the most deprived neighbourhood's in one of the worlds most deprived countries - is eating well today.

Our programe makes sure these vulnerable children have food support each and every month. Making a decision to shift to a monthly visit to Moa Wharf national Coordinator, William Tieh explained:

With 6 volunteers we worked out we could see double the number of children. It takes an extra 2 hours but the children and care-givers come by schedule so we actually have more time to resolve any problems identified by the children themselves or by our trained Moa Wharf Coordinator Mr Bangura and volunteers Mohammed and Khadji, residing there. Making this change permanent also saves money on transport and gives our team a bit of extra capacity to take on other challenges!

MORE HELP NEEDED - YOUR HELP NEEDED We really, really need your help to give the same support to 19 child-led families where older brothers and sisters are struggling to care for their younger siblings, orphaned by Ebola and living in in Kissy Town and Waterloo. Help us help make a break-thru to these 89 children by donating to our Foster Care Fund:


It costs just $300 a month to provide much needed food support to these 61 vulnerable children in Moa Wharf and to keep the school age children in school. Contribute to our Foster Care Fund and help us give us a hand up to more vulnerable children living in their communities.

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