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Looks like the First Lady's Annual Christmas Kids Party's well underway now. Broad smiles from face-painted kids, balloons, cupcakes and lollipops! How good it is to see vulnerable children from deprived neighbourhoods and communities valued and getting a taste of life as it should be. It's the very least they deserve. Clearly, a first class bash from the Office of the First Lady of Sierra Leone.

WARMING UP NICELY & MAKING NEW FRIENDS! Kids sitting patiently waiting for the party to kick off. Kids from Mama Mayila's Cradle and kids from the Network Orphange at Allen Town. Can't be long now....

Good to see Mama Mayila and Madam Kamara from Network and her team getting to know each other and talking about the common challenges we face. Challenges like the number of vulnerable children there are in Sierra Leone and the lack of resources to care for them. Looks to us like another strong woman doing her best for the children and for the betterment of Sierra Leone!

IT AIN'T STARTED 'TIL THE DIRECTOR SPEAKS! Esteemed Director of Children's Affairs, Mrs Kadiatu Buya-Kamara looking happy as she introduces the First Lady's Annual Kids' Christmas Party.

THE PARTY WILL ALWAYS CONTINUE... And then a very special and honored guest appeared at the Christmas Party, as if from nowhere, to support his First Lady's good work. A child from every Interim Care Centre got to cut the cake here's some pics of ours!

What an honour and a what day to remember for the children. They got to meet the First Lady of Sierra Leone AND Pa President himself! What a long way in just a year from the slums at Moa Wharf and Kissy Town for some of the most vulnerable children in Sierra Leone. How empowered these children must all feel. To dare to dream of impossible things all at once....

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