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With the rains now settling in Hope Sakuma's paddies it's time to replant our perennial frutescens hot hot peppers upland freeing up our paddies for upcoming rice production.

Hassan carefully digs out the root-balls before carrying the tender chillies in bowls for the Ladies to plant with a handful of Azolla bokashi to give them the best start in their new permeant home and giving the farm a head start when pepper season rolls round.

Thanks to a generous donation of single variety chilli seeds Hope Sakuma will be trialling some really hot stuff - rare and sought after chinense, baccatum, frutescens and pubescens peppers next growing season. With over 100 acres we can create perennial pepper farms with enough distance to ensure pure fruit and seeds for export.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women nd youth with nature-based solutions to improve nutrition, food security and climate adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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