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The Hope Sakuma team, gentlemen and Ladies together, reach the half-way point returning more vegetable plots to rice duty, clearing and levelling each paddy before puddling the clods ready to transplant nerica l-19 seedlings from their nursery. Then before the next days planting, Med gives us a quick guided tour of bunds already puddled and planted gratifyingly even in size and stretching away to the horizon. The next day, Issa skilfully dams the peripheral canal to block the water while the team carry out repairs to our inlet pipes placed too high last season, so those paddies affected received less water and produced less rice. And with Mohammed from JICA's advice the team rectify the problem by digging in new, bigger bamboo pipes deeper so they can do their job letting water in and out of our rce paddies through the growing season. Meanwhile the team tackle a difficult job, very carefully clearing the remaining stump in the rice paddy disturbing beaucoup families of rata and snakes in the process!


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women nd youth with nature-based solutions to improve nutrition, food security and climate adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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