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More smiles for Madama Melrose, and all the kids living with disabilities at Mahanaim House as they receive a second 60 € donation from Uncle Ian in the UK to these disadvantaged children in Sierra Leone.

The kids at Mahanaim House have a lovely welcome song for Hope's National Coordinator, Uncle Williams and thanking Uncle Ian for his generous donation of store cupboard essentials, 200,000 leones cash and some candy!

These kids living with disabilities at Mahanaim are some of the most marginalized in Sierra Leone receiving little in the way of support from the government and entirely dependant on help from donations like this from Uncle Ian.

Madam Melrose thanks Uncle Ian for helping the kids again by donating much-needed store cupboard essentials oil, tomato paste, laundry soap AND 200,000 leones cash money AND every kids favourite two bags of sweeties!

100% of your donation will go straight to Mahanaim House with no deductions for fees or admin and you'll receive a great big thank you and see your donation delivered in full!


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation and children living with disabilities.

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