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Noah and Katie join their friends taking part in National School for the Deaf's annual sports day held yesterday at Wilkinson Barracks Hockey Pitch.

The games are underway, Noah leads Luke House athletes on the track and Mrs Kamara-Cole, Principal of the esteemed National School for the Deaf, welcomes the crowd of family and supporters and introduces the school's annual sporting event calling on everyone present to show good sportsmanship.

Pupils from Luke, Stuart and Dillsworth Houses all compete and in the 4x100m relay Miss Katie gets off to a flying start with an almost Allyson Felix gazelle-like gait but Stuart House overcome by dint of some somewhat longer legs to win silver. Sadly, we have no footage of Noah making his sporting debut claiming bronze in the balloon race but it sounds like the sort of event we need to re-create in the upcoming Easter break...

Noah and Katie relax track-side with their fizzy pop and after all their athletic endeavours at the National School for the Deaf's annual Sports Day they're both ready for something to eat. In Noah's case, of course, that's an every-minute-of-the-day event!


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