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Mama Mayila, Sheku, Osman and Khalil squeeze into a ram-packed event for all the farmers and farmer organizations in Sanda Magbolontor.

Everyone's called to the big meet in Sendugu, chiefdom capital, by Karene District Director Mr Keikura from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security.

The Chiefdom Speaker commends Hope Sakuma for work promoting sustainable agriculture accross Sanda Magbolontor, name checking dedicated volunteer Osman!

The Director and his team provide vital updates on the government's new national agricultural strategy and its bold new direction for agriculture with a focus on developing value chains for cassava, cashew, vegetables and rice. At the end the Director announces a spot check for all the farms "to see if everyone's lies are true!"

Having visited some IVS sites en route Director Keikura reaches Manays with his team and master farmer Andrew takes everyone on a visit to Hope Sakuma's cassava farm and the Director is impressed - it's the largest cassava farm in Karene he's seen! The Director likes the addition of cashew nuts and he knows the importance of growing drought-resistant crops like cassava and cashew to help make communities resilient to climate change.

The Director confirms Hope Sakuma's storage is the largest in Sanda Magbolontor and fortuitously the Director has his engineer on hand to consider it's adaptability.

The Director completes his spot-check and is pleased with what he's seen "your lies are true!" commending Hope Sakuma on boosting sustainable farming in Sanda.

And we are over the moon to learn that Hope Sakuma has the Directors recommendation and support to become an ABC (Agricultural Business Centre) helping us develop a seed bank, nursery and market linkages for Sanda Magbolontor farmers.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women with climate-smart technology to improve nutrition, food security, livelihoods and adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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