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The kids at Mama Mayila's Cradle know the drill on Mandela Day - Free Yourself - Free Others and Serve Every Day and for us every day is Mandela Day. Happy Mandela Day!

Celebrating Mandela Day Miss Dee presents her book report on Beverly Naidoo's Journey to Jo'burg to the other kids. One of the great books Dee learns from in social studies at Rising Academy and about some of the iniquities and injustices living in South Africa under Apartheid and Dee is rightly outraged by notions of no inter-racial marriage, separate beaches and schools, no quality education leading to different aspirations and outcomes. That path changed with Nelson Mandela's election and wise rule. Miss Dee says it's always best to keep your promises and South Africa like Sierra Leone and all African nations on Mandela Day has such promise still.


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for children with disabilities and Ebola’s Generation.

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