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The toddlers were very happy to welcome Aunties Maner, Lilian, Patricia and Natalie and Uncles Hassan and Trevor from the charity AID-EM, visiting our interim care programme at Mama Mayila's Cradle yesterday to celebrate Afican Child Day.

As well as the love AID-EM brought along, candy was on hand and as you can see the guys spent some quality time with Miss Destiny, little Lady Faith, Noah, Sid, Key and August making them all feel special and loved just like kids need to be!

But the guys from AIDEM didn't just come to bring the toddlers some love, they had more than enough to spare for the big boys and girls and not only love but a massive donation of rice, sugar, milk, tea, lots of kids clothes and footwear, lollipops, juice and cookies!

These guys thought of everything the kids need and they brought it along - they even brought dinner, a fine couscous with chicken and a real treat some meat - no wonder the kids look so in love!

And a tender moment was shared when Aunty Lilian and Uncle Trevor shed tears on hearing some of the children's stories from Moa Wharf during the height of the Ebola crisis.


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for children with disabilities and Ebola’s Generation.

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