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So far, so good. We're on track to hold 4 christmas parties over two days. We've got our fish, onions, maggi and are pre-delivering to our friends in three interim care centres...

GETTING MARGARETS PARTY STARTED! So first up was Aunty Margaret and Uncle Med and the 25 kids at Initiatives 4 Women and Girl Empowerment interim care centre very happy to see the fish and maggi seasonings from the generous donation from Aunty Nicole and Uncle Joe and a bag of onions from Uncle Paul so full bellies guaranteed!

Uncle Med promises dancing so we'll have to wait for Christmas Day...

THUMBS UP FOR CHRISTMAS 4 CHILDREN IN NEED! A big thumbs up from this little chap and all of Mrs Kamara's kids at Network 4 Children in Need for the delivery of beacoup fish, maggi and onions made possible by kind donations from Aunty Nicole and Uncle Joe and Uncle Paul, so again, full bellies guaranteed on Christmas day!

MANNA 4 MANAHAIM THIS CHRISTMAS! We were especially pleased to deliver a bounty of fish and maggi seasonings and plenty onions to Madam Boyawa and her plenty children with disabilities. When we came to visit last week the poor lady had had a fall and was resting in hospital so we were glad to meet meet her so well. And Madam Boyawa was pleased to receive such a gift for Christmas - guaranteed full bellies all thanks to generous donations from Aunty Nicole and Uncle Joe and Uncle Paul!

Now help us give these kids what you know they crave all year round - chips, candy and lashings of fizzy pop!

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