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So, it is our absolute honour to introduce to you Joel and Joanna, survivors of last week's mudslide and entrusted to our care by the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs. You can see the other kids very happy to welcome their new brother and sister and Joel even manages a convincing smile but these two have been through a lot. More than they should ever have to bear.

But being able to help these two (and any others coming to stay) is but a very small drop in a very large ocean of children including 1068 toddlers and babies - all needing food, clothing, bedding and homes.

Please help us do more by donating to our Mudslide Appeal so we can provide fresh fish and veg, soap and toiletries, all of which are in short supply. Please share and if you can, please give:

Our appeal has raise $425 in the past week and is run in partnership with the team that broke the story internationally - Society 4 Climate Change Communication Sierra Leone - and the team who were there on the day of the tragedy providng social work support - Concern 4 the Deprived Welfare Assocation (CoDWelA) and other local ngo's and cbo's.

Come on Board - Join Our Campaign

Join our campaign for child rights and + share our cause 2 raise awareness 4 mudslide child survivors and all vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.

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