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Meet Margaret and her team at the Initiatives 4 Women and Girls Empowerment Interim Care Centre, Wellington caring for 45 vulnerable children.

This centre doesn’t receive financial support from the government, grants or sponsorship. Amazingly, none of the team receives any wage or stipend for the care they provide these children every day - they do it because they’re called to do it.

You can see from the pics they’re proud of their principles – they pin them to the wall – they keep their place clean and you can see some of the great work they do for the kids, with classes on tailoring and catering, equipping their youngsters with practical skills. We’re looking forward to learning from Margaret and her team and seeinghow we can work together to support each other!

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Sierra Leone Ministry of Welfare, Gender & Children’s Affairs Registration: MSGCA/VOL: N367/2016
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