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Amazing generousity from Marenka Ruiter and Hart voor Africa, 5 bags of rice Uncle Jan from the Netherlands and a cash donation from Aunty Liz from Oz means Margaret can now feed 25 children at her Initiatives 4 Women and Girls Empowerment ICC every month for 6 months. All the way thru to the end of January!

How cool is that?

How pleased are Margaret and the kids? Over the moon!

And you can see from the pics what a great place Initiatives 4 Women and Girls Empowerment ICC is and what potential it has.

Regular tailoring classes with sewing machines that don't use or need electricty. Catering classes giving practical skills to vulnerable children.

We're sure we can do more and there's scope for us to work together, to learn from each other and bring the best of each other to proivde a sustainable interim care sector with a focus on resttlement, kinship fostering and in-country adoption.

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