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You can see from the pics Mama Mayila, William Tieh and the team with the Government Surveyors and Momoh Conteh from Tribe Wanted walking the plot and measuring out 2 acres next to Tribe Wanted at John Obey.

Wow! The beautiful unspoilt backdrop. Such a paradise, part of the protected Western Area Peninsula National Park and near Tribe Wanted! Somewhere we can live sustainably, teach the children sustainable values and help our local community thrive.

It's taken us a while to get to this stage because our original allocation back in June was too near the Forest and there were lots of negotiations with the Environmental Protection Agency and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security to make sure that our planned eco-build has a minimal environmental impact.

We couldn't be dong this without the kind support and day to day help that the Office of the Diapsora (ODA) give us. Thanks to Sorie Tholley, Alfred Fornah and all the guys at the ODA!

On their trip Momoh took Mama Mayila and the team to theTribe Wanted community run eco-tourism project on about 6 acres of beach and lagoon-front land next to John Obey fishing village on the Peninsula, Sierra Leone.

All the Tribe Wanted guest houses are individually crafted by hand and these guys were one of our original inspirations for plans to build a village for the children, supported by income from community tourism.

Tribe Wanted? We've found ours!

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