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Nice job kids! Not one or two or even three or four but an amazing 20 farmers associations registered and flying the Hope Sakuma banner - one for each and every one of you and the most Mr Keikura, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Director has ever seen registered in Karene.

The proud roll call of Sanda Magbolontor villages joining Hope Sakuma - Manays, Masilah, RoYeima, RoRate, Rogbaran, Rogbin, Mabonkaneh, Maketay, Robat, Woliya, Forekaria, Kamalo, Petifu, Komneh, Magbolothor, Robomp, Massen, Mamatay, Madineh and Rogthenti - each FBO (farming based organization) with a two thirds majority of women members and guaranteed equal roles and speaking time at meetings.

And the future's bright for these farmers with Hope Sakuma registered as an NGO transitioning this year with Karene District MAF support to Agricultural Business Centre (ABC) and co-op status the team can focus on developing market linkages, adding value and reducing transportation costs by processing crops locally and providing business planning and entrepreneurship training, developing the Sanda Magbolonthor economy.

So welcome Pay Pi Kurusaylor Manays, Sapa Masilah, Karene All Stars RoYeima, Sahtimatahsu RoRate, Tanikasu Rogbaran, Takeilehsu Rogbin, Tamemsu Mabonkaneh, Tawopeneh Maketay, Tawopeneh Magbolothor, Tawopeneh Karimdinn Forekaria, Talapsu Komeneh, Sorbeh Kamalo, Sabenti Robat, Sadati Woliya, Tamaraneh Petifu, Robomp All Stars, Mabudu Mamatay, Billneadakdme Massen, Boyehty Madineh and Paepina Rogthenti 20 FBOs already intensifying rice production on 15 inland valley swamps and boosting nutrition growing groundnut, cassava and cashew, helping communities adapt to climate change.


Please and share our sustainable climate-smart farming journey empowering rural women, to improve nutrition, food security and climate change adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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