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Meet Madame Melrose Boyawah, living with a disability and running Mahanaim interim care centre another centre receiving no support and caring for children, many disabled and in need some really special help.

Hart voor Afrika kindly donated 5 bags of rice and we hope we can continue to help Madame Boyawah over the coming months.

The Ebola recovery money was supposed to support this sector for at least 2 years so centres like Mahaniam could become financially sustainable but support is there none.

So there’s something not quite right with this happy scene – one struggling interim care centre supporting another - it’s kind, in fact, it’s really great but it’s not enough to care for the 100’s of kids in this situation.

We hope that the recovery from the national disaster of the mudslides will also address this wider orphan crisis – providing good levels of support for interim care centres who will be taking in some of the orphaned survivors of the mudslide and a proper programme to support kids in kinship fostering – there’s going to be many, many children needing proper long-term support by trained social workers and counsellors to recover from this human tragedy.

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