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Today the Sierra Leone Government kindly sent another Surveyor to mark out, with the community, 2 acres of land in John Obey along the Peninsular for our first Hope Interim Care Centre, our first site seen last November, being too close to the tree-line.

The allocation came after extensive consulation with communities in the Peninsular (Western District).

Mama Mayila and national Corodinator, Williams Tieh, have been meeting with communities over the past month, accompanying the Diaspora Office who were carring out a District wide needs assessment.

Mama Mayila talked with head men and women from Sussex to Kent, Mabrown and Waterloo to discuss how best we can help realize communities own plans while helping give homes to the most vulnerable and at risk children in Sierra Leone.

We hope from John Obey we can take our message of Hope and build partnerships with all communities from the forests and mountains to beach communities and inland to Waterloo and Newton to bring investment to help realize each communities potential.

Join our campaign and + share our message of Hope to these children, Ebola's Generation.

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