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Ebola's Generation Pay Our Respects to Alusine

Sadly one of our children has passed away. His family knew to call for help, just not in time. He and his twin were rescued, just not in time. Got him to the doctor, just not in time.

No one question the integrity of God who giveth life but I felt so painful & shocked as one of the twins, 3-weeks old Alusine Kamara passed away at the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital in Freetown.

Directed by the Minsitry of Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs, we travelled to Madina, Kambia District to answer a fathers call for help and brought the twins back to Freetown to the hospital. The doctors did everything they could just to save the boy's life but to no avail.

Sleep on Alusine & take your rest, you know we love you but God loves you best. Indeed you are God's best!!!

Come on Board - Join our Campaign

Help directly change children's lives and stop this happening to another child like Alusine. Join our campaign and + our message of Hope to these children, Ebola's Generation.

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