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Showing some truly best in class cassava meet Hope team Mile Six working with dedicated volunteers Ibrahim and Med last year to develop this large cassava farm benefiting now from our mobile gari service.

These magnificent whoppers of cassava root dug up by a rightly proud team ready for peeling, grating, fermenting and parching.

But first the team clear some land and head for the forest, cutting enough bamboo to make a shady baffa for the peeling and parching.

Proving surprisingly mobile our first class cassava grater makes its way from Sanda Magbolontor by bike, along with tarpaulins for peeling and drying, nets for fermenting and our gari pan and sieve for parching these colossal cassava.

This nutritious drought-resistant crop is helping rural communities in Sierra Leone adapt to climate change and the dangers of more intense dry seasons.


Please and share our sustainable farming journey empowering rural women nd youth with nature-based solutions to improve nutrition, food security and climate adaptation in Sierra Leone.

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