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The kids have been learning some sobering lessons about predjudice. At first they didn't understand how some white people can hate black people just because of the color of their skin. But when they reflected on their own lives the kids began to understand the arbritray nature of predjudice.

Everyone had a story to tell about being picked on or called names or chased and thrown stones at. Some because of a disablity, some because they were Ebola survivors, all, even the little ones, because they're orphans. And the kids really didn't like that someone might not get a job or get beaten up by a gang or killed by a policeman just because of the colour of their skin.

And the big kids, who learned more about some of the violence against black people found echos in Salone noting how, even with black people in charge, poor black kids get raped and beaten and poor black people still suffer grievously, even though in Salone, sadly and predicatably, it is the poorest who are in a majority. But the kids understand that not everyone is like that. That, like the kids themselves, most people take others as they find them and it's how they are rather than who they are that matters.

And the kids understand that now, in this moment of change, that everyone must unequivocally accept that black lives matter just the same as every other life and black people wherever they live must get the same treatment, the same chances, the same parity of outcomes as every other people.


Follow our journey campaigning for child rights and bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share their stories to raise awareness for Ebola’s Generation and children living with disabilities.

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