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Christmas morn and replete with Santa caps, the kids have a heart-felt thank you to friends, family, supporters and general well-wishers with a rousing rendition of Marys' Boy Child - extremely enthusiastically on Alex's part - followed by 30 seconds of heart-felt thanks from the kids and all of us at Hope imbued with their very own particularly joyous spirit of Christmas!

After then the kids were happy receiving members of their congregation visiting Mama Mayila's Cradle with Pastor Alex Turner and his wife. Neighbours and friends bringing an amazing donation of food, drinks and treats for the kids and making them feel so much part of their community. Pastor Alex applauds Grandma, who wears her advancing years well working so hard for the children - a very short and very determined mamie to be sure!

The kids are full of smiles as their Christmas programme kicks off with Raymond Yambasu speaking on behalf of the team and introducing Phebian Reffel, Former president of Rotary Club and now leading her friends, Elisa Gbla, Mamadu Konta Jalloh, Christiana Dove-Pratt and Ernastine Tucker, coming together to bring smiles to children and spend their Christmas with the kids generously expressing their heart for children in need.

Next up the Cradle's court barre is cleared for an impromptu Christmas dance-off with cash prizes for the winners!

Little Miss Destiny wins the rather grown-up-for-toddlers competition from Faith and Numu who both win consolation prizes and Scout takes the prize for the boys while Sid, Kye and Bakarr also win best runners up. Miss Sarah from Cameroon takes the big girls crown from Misses Maggie, Mica and Sierra and Leo carries the day for the big boys!

Aunty Phebian's merry band of helpful helpers Aunties Elisa, Christiana and Ernastine and Uncles Mamadu and Raymond serve serve the kids their Christmas chicken dinner.

Honoured guests Peter and Paul, twins from Kenema and Numu from Karene and all the kids enjoy being served and tucking into their Christmas chicken dinner by Aunty Phebian's merry band of helpful helpers Aunties Elisa, Christiana and Ernastine and Uncles Mamadu and Raymond, washing down their special meal with lashings of fizzy pop as smiles abound.

Rounding off a very special day there are gifts galore for all the kids, each receiving a vertiable Santa's sack filled with books and pens, a toothbrush, soap, as well as some perfume for the big girls! Taking turns to give presents Aunties Phebian, Elisa Gbla, Christiana, Ernastine, Memuna and Uncles Raymond and Mamadu the kids are full of smiles and thankfulness.

The helpful helpers also gift a great big bag of clothing collected for the kids and some Saba soap for Mama Mayila's store cupboard.


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for Ebolas' Generation and kids living with disabilities.

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