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Looks like the kids have well and truely caught the farming bug and are making good use of their mid-term with a nice surprise for Uncle Mo on his return to the centre from Sanda Magbolontor Chiefdom!

The kids big idea is to grow enough vegetables to feed themselves and enough seedlings to give our friends and neighbours in Hamilton something to grow to improve their nutrition too!

You can see everyone pitching in preparing two seed beds to trial some different tomato, pepper and squash varieties Uncle Mo's brought along to try - the first seedlings taking only 4 days to peak thru the peat-free coir seed pellets.

Miss Mya's particularly proud of how fine she's got her soil while Miss Dee clearly needs to exercise a little caution with that pick-axe!

Miss Dee, Knox and Barney take turns explaining why they've so patiently picked thru the soil to remove stones and plastic to give their seedlings the best start in life and the best chance to thrive!

Our star performer Leo very succinctly explains what he's been doing, how fine soil helps roots like cassava grow well for Hope 4 Ebola Orphans Sakuma and then, bright boy that he is, farmer Leo very smoothly elides to - and here our Krio deserts us - demanding something that sounds like celery.... Luckily for us the kids are easily distracted and happy to settle for a movie - make that two movies - on the smart new projector Uncle Mo's brought to show our Sanda Magbolontor farmers some sustainability videos.


Follow our journey bringing hope to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone - please and share to raise awareness for children with disabilities and Ebola’s Generation.

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