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Week 4 and time, perhaps, to take stock. The rapid establishment of incident command centres was a good early sign that lessons from the Ebola crisis have been learned.

At least to a degree. The training of community health workers to spot a potential cholera outbreak another sign that the Health department is much better positioned to act quickly and effectively. The Minsitry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs were quick off the mark cordinating bedspaces for at risk children. But support from the World Health Organization and UNICEF was still needed and they should have been invited in to help on day one.

We have a clearer idea of the terrible human cost of this tragedy - perhaps in excess of 1000 dead though many of the bodies will never be recovered to have the dignity of burial; more than 3,700 survivors including 2700 child and 1000+ newborns and under 5's. The government have now allocated land for temporary camps and appear to have made a solemn promise to rehouse every survivor household and to give to each 2 million Leones direct aid.

But the proof of the pudding in Sierra Leone will always in the eating - the missing Ebola funds and treatment and lack of support for Ebola survivors doesn't really bode well - and the removal of citizens to camps also makes it more difficult for civil society organization like ours to channel support to survivors and check on conditions.

We hope the government make good on their promises to survivors of homes and direct aid but with the move to restricted camps we will not be able to make direct donations. So, with this final distribution to survivors of the Sierra Leone mudslide and flooding made at Old Skool command centre, Hill Station, we're closing our appeal today having raised and spent an amazing total of $1032 from America, the UK, Netherlands and Croatia - thank you to everyone who so generously contributed.

Your kindness and generosity kept the CoDWelA social work team on the ground registering and supporting survivors, provided survivors food, water and clothing. And in those first 3 days before the international community galvanized into action this was essential, as well as supporting volunteers from Society for Climate Change Communications and Hope with transport to the sites.

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Join our campaign for child rights and + share our cause 2 raise awareness 4 mudslide child survivors and all vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.