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It was such a sad day today at Hope interim care centre as Mac reunited with his family at the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, following our on-going efforts to track down birth families of children in our care.

Mac’s mum and dad were really happy to see their son and complimented Mama Mayila on how well he has been cared for. Mama Mayila made sure Mac knows he’s always welcome to visit his friends and come to our parties at Hope Interim care centre and that we’ll continue to support him to to see him thrive at home with his birth family.

Whenever, our on-going investigations track down an actual mums and dad we hold off 'til the holidays to minimize disruption to schooling. It's a tough thing to say goodbye but there are so many genuine orphans and vulnerable children at risk that it's a necessary step.

Our focus on reunifying children with their biological families and supporting children, orphaned by Ebola and living with extended families, in our new Kinship Fostering programme launched February in Moa Wharf, anEbola-devasted slum in central Freetown, providing regular checks by a resident coordinator, along with in-country fostering are the main ways we can help vulnerable children and fullfill the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender Equality and Children's Affairs 's alternative care policy.

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