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October 9, 2020

Jemima and the girls head back from a hard days work chowing down on Azolla and bugs busy fertilzing rice in Hope Sakuma's paddies, crossing the main irrigation channel to take a rest by a picturesque...

September 26, 2020

Meet Babe, Peppa and Percy three little piggies - chosen for their strong haunches by Uncle Williams on the advice of master pig breeder, Alfred - receiving their iron and antibotic injections before b...

September 24, 2020

Between farm work the Hope Sakuma team squeeze in construction of a fine sturdy pen from scratch in just three days and just in time for some new livestock arriving from Freetown.

Day One: Carefully si...

September 21, 2020

More than mere farmers our dedicated team never cease to amaze us with the skills they bring, as Issa our resident hive-maker and bee-caller makes some hives for Hope Sakuma cashews maturing next year...

August 23, 2020

Meet Yusuf, Lunsar representative and our first duck herder responsible for Jemima, Lucky and their now not-so-little duckies! 

Thanks to the nutritious Azolla and crushed corn feed Yusuf carefully prep...

August 2, 2020

Our tilapia's journey starts here in Kunike Barina as Amabest gently handles the fine fat fingerlings destined for Sanda Magbolntor explaining to Rugiatu and her team how the tilapia will be used with...

July 1, 2020

A little bit of gentle duck-bothering as Lucky and Co tuck in to their nutritious Azolla and corn, lovingly made every day by Aunty Isata but 10 seconds in, Shaun - that's right Shaun the Sheep - buts...

June 20, 2020

Every evening and every morning Aunty Isata (aka Mrs Amabest) lovingly prepares an Azolla and crushed corn feast for Jemima and her brood of seven and Lucky and her bakers dozen, harvesting Azolla from...

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October 25, 2020

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